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“Smile with Confidence”


Usually, when one goes to a Dental Medicine clinic and start the treatment plan suggested by the dentist, doubts emerge!

At Dental Fusion Clinics,  we propose a financing program for recovery and oral rehabilitation in Dental Medicine that comprises the full recovery of your oral health in a fast, specific and tailor made manner using an instalments system.


This happens because immediate mouth recovery implies instant payments and this is why a consultation is scheduled each month so that you can bear the costs without undermining your family budget.


When the treatment plan is carried out occasionally, we tend not to see major changes.


This program was designed thinking about your needs. Therefore:


1. Save time

The entire treatment plan is performed fast and sequentially in a short amount of time. 


2. Save money

By combining medical procedures in the same appointment, we are able to lower material costs and optimize processes and for you this translates into direct savings.


3. Renew your smile

By carrying out the treatment plan from square one, in a short amount of time you will renew your smile and do this in a conscious manner.


4. Pay in staged instalments

Your commitment and our help allow you to pay your treatment plan in a staged manner. Designed for you, to suit your needs.


Contact us to know more and analyse your setting.

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